Wednesday, November 7, 2012


enter and leave as you wish I don't really give a shit
as long as you clear the doorway of your footsteps
and the rubbish you have piled up along the sides
and your old shirt
your old hat
your old stained pants
your old bags
your old whatever
your old everything
all of your unwanted paraphernalia
please take them along with the good times that amounted to nothing afterall
because the bad ones flushed them through the corridor
into the kitchen
past the garden and into the abysmal lane of
while the bad times stayed for a cup of packet milo and
you know what
just take them with you as well.

keep them as a reminder of the time we've wasted
the loss of friendship
and what could have been,
of the lies you told
the shit you did
your inconsistencies
and the years that separated our lives.

even if everyone had said that we were great together,
don't forget to close the door behind you
i'll lock it from the inside.



To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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