Monday, May 19, 2014

There is a rhythm to which the Universe beats.

Some days, the world spins differently.
It does a backflip and an outstanding somersault, finishing with a half twist of acrobatic proportions.
And then the life as you know, is no longer.

God has a way of mocking the human race. He bribes you with hope and spoils you with luck.
There's that tiny print that the ants carry on their backs but we squish them with our finger tips or torch them with lighters, drowning in our shrill laughter so the message is never received that:

We're the world's little toys.

The Wolves howl at our foolishness, 
Horses guffaw when we never learn, 
Cats snigger at our cries for affection, 
and Crows cackle overhead when we fail, and fail again.

The world mock us, along with God above as we 'live'.
Egoistic and self centered,
rotten and obtuse,
optimistic and ignorant.

We pick ourselves up blindly, eat our cake, struggle to survive, battle disasters, and start pointless wars.
All while withering away slowly until Death comes to tell us, 'you've used up your credit'.

And then the moment you leave,
God sends someone new to take over your place.

To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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