Thursday, December 2, 2010


My heart is in love with this dress. It's not healthy, this obsession with clothes.

I was calling the bank up the other day, all the way back to Singapore. They needed me to verify that I am myself by asking me for my last purchase.

It's not easy to remember your last purchase when you enter stores without knowing where you're shopping at because all you see is pretty clothes and the next thing you know, you're inside the shop, paying up.

The girlfriend said I sounded like a shopaholic when I was trying to answer their question.

"Um.. it was a dress, $98 from this shop at Haji Lane, Arab Street."
"No, I can't remember the name of the shop. Shit."
"Okay okay, I also bought a coat from Zara, Ion. About $200. $180?"
"That was about a month ago..."
"Ahh! I know! I bought a hat and a dress from the same shop. Both about $45."
"Hmm.. I really can't remember the shop name!"

They told me they couldn't verify me and therefore, could not complete my transaction.


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