Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIVA + further proof on how my girlfriend exaggerates.

__________"DIVA listed typical stuff lesbians are into and I realised you fit into most of it.
__________They said something about liking cats, being into vegan food, iphones...
__________and other stuff. I can't remember. But you hit quite a few."

Up to the bathroom I went, to pick up the very pre-loved DIVA.

It was under the 'Trend' section.

What was stated was, (quote)

________________________________『 Some things are very lez. Like if you go up to a girl and
__________________________________ask, "Do you like cats / vegan food / The Well of Loneliness
__________________________________/ stalking Kate Moennig / iPhones / writing poetry?"
__________________________________and she answers yes to three or more, she might just fancy girls. 』

I would hardly consider that a 'list'.

But yes, I would admit to three or more! This could just be a handy questionnaire if you should feel like hitting on possibly closeted lesbians. Except my girlfriend is only into um... writing poetry. She's a dog person. So that rules out the cat thing. We are always debating on the superiority of our individually preferred domesticated animal.

Honestly though, how can anyone not fall for a feline face like this?


They also do cute stuff like,

paw your sheets to wake you up

tumble over

gaze at choooo!!

go, 'the fuck was that?!'

hug soft toys!

And omg kittinz you guys!!!

+ the typical fat cat lazing in the sun!

I literally have a collection of kitty pictures in my computer. Big fan, I am. Kekeke :3 no seriously, what isn't there to like?!

My ex girlfriend of 2 and a half years never fancied them either. She would only pat my kats with her foot. Or rather, tap them, with her foot. WHYYYYYY!! ):


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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