Sunday, January 2, 2011

Orgasms are equivalent to pooping

if you can't do it, you can't do it.

There was a whole conversation revolving around this 2 days ago so I saved it under my drafts and never got to posting it until now, when I've forgotten the details. It's 9:55AM, my biological clock is completely fucked up and I shall conveniently and irresponsibly place the blame on the fact that I slept at 11AM on New Year's after arriving home past 7 from a rather massive hotpot x2 session.

There were 2 types of sashimi and I spent most of the first session stuffing myself with lots of brown fish balls and shitake + straw mushrooms. We took a break to catch the insanely beautiful 15 minute long fireworks display till I felt light headed and giddy with excitement / exploded from joy. The sky looked like it'd been splattered with glitter that was falling onto our heads. Then commenced round 2 where we included udon and tried to finish all the food that had been left over from last year. BEST. HOTPOT. EVERRRR. xx


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