Monday, January 17, 2011

Personality Test

Fruff : Ask her about the animal personality test!

Kitty : Yes yes! Ask me!

Karen : Okay, what are your 3 favourite animals in order?

Kitty : Um... oh shit, but I like all animals! Um... okay, CAT! And uh... uh... wait, let me think.

Karen : Polar bear?

Kitty : YES!! Polar bear! I love polar bears!!

Karen : Dog?

Kitty : I like dogs, but I don't think they're one of my favourites... Oh oh! I know! Tigers!!

Karen : Okay, so... cat, tiger, and?

Kitty : This is difficult. Um... OH MY GOD I LOVE MONKEYS!!!

Karen : Monkeys, really?

Kitty : YES MONKEYS!!! I don't want Tiger anymore, since it's about the same as the cat. Cat, monkey, and then polar bear!

Karen : Now what are the 3 characteristics of your third animal, polar bear that you like?

Kitty : They're big and strong! Did you watch Golden Compass? Oh my god the polar bear was amazing there. So fierce. AND FLUFFY!! That's 2... mmm.... they're aesthetically pleasing??

Karen : Okay... those 3 characteristics are what you wish to be. So you want to be strong, fluffy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Kitty : Haha what the fuck! More like that's what I want my partner to be.

Karen : Now what about your second animal, the monkey?

Kitty : I like monkeys because they're so energetic! And cute! And and and I think they're really intelligent creatures.

Karen : Alright... that means people think you're energetic, cute and intelligent. Now 3 characteristics for your first animal.

Kitty : Cats are sexy!

Fluff : Haha!

Kitty : I like how independent and low maintenance they are. And hmm.. last one... they're... aesthetically pleasing!

Karen : Okay, that's what you really are.

Fluff : SEXY!

Kitty : Oh my god. Then what about yours!

Karen : She chose penguins I think?

Fluff : And dogs and pandas!

Kitty : Oh! Pandas! I like pandas too! What characteristics did you like about them?

Karen : She said everything was fluffy and cute.

Fluff : And stupid.

Kitty : ...

Fluff : I didn't know!!


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