Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad dreams about partners.

You know how sometimes you get dreams about your partners cheating on / leaving / killing / conspiring against / fighting with / cooking you in a big pot of curry?


You're not normal.

Okay maybe I don't know I could be the abnormal one because it seems Fruffie never seems to get such dreams. Even if she does, she doesn't seem to either remember / respond to it. My dreams are always super lucid (which explains the sleep talking / shouting / crying / laughing) so when I wake up from bad dreams like partners being bitches, I wake up really. mad.

Such a nightmare haunted me yesterday (I was going to say 'last night', but it was really in the afternoon). It involved Fruffie telling me she was sick of being abuse / treated like a pet by me and therefore, was leaving me right before our very special road trip.

Tell me how not to be angry?!?

I was like wtf bitch wtf how dare you ffff. But she flounced away merrily to her new found lover - let's call her Em. Then they started making outz and being all touchy and shit and oh my god you guys. I think at that point my anger transcended anger itself. It was rageeeee to the power of infinity. Do you know how extreme that is? Ask my 1313 for an accurate mathematical explanation.

Seriously. Not. Cool. Worse part was, we had to go on the road trip together. And the both of them were like freaking rolling about in bed right next to me. dfkjalkefjafjdfaejkfadfhasdf for some reason, Em was being super smug about it and Fruffie just seemed completely indifferent towards my presence so they were REALLY GETTING IT ON.

Imagine watching your 1day old ex fuck another person. in. the. same. bed. as. you.


So obviously I woke up wanting to kill somebody. She's lucky because she wasn't at home.

And she wasn't home long enough for me to start worrying that maybe she really wanted to go to Em. Plus I couldn't call either because I was out of credit. So all I could do was wait in trepidation.

At about 11PM though, (around the time I decided to give up on waiting and maybe go to bed) she popped her head in the room WITH ROSES YOU GUYS. WITH ROSES. ANDDDDDDD my favourite food as well!! Knowing how little $ she has to live with, it's like a super special gesture!



K I know this entry is bordering dangerously on the line of being mushy / lovey dovey / eeky / cringe-worthy and of which are not associated to me but whatever I AM HUMAN I LIKE SWEET THINGS.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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