Monday, July 23, 2012

time passed

hello monday.

there was a scheduled interview today and i missed it because i honestly forgot. isn't that responsible. well wasn't really interested anyway. not that i should take it for granted, but still.

i had a lot to say but those thoughts just floated away.

which makes this.
rather pointless.
except for the following sentence.

i hurt my foot.

because the whole universe pretty much evolves around it ya know what i mean.

that was just a joke.
the real deal is:

i thought for a moment that i had emotions like hey, i'm human. that is rare. the first ever occurrence. that weird feeling lasted for 2 days and then i ran dry. no one is special enough. my life is sad. now i'm an alien again. hey y'all.

but i like someone.
i mean, i've liked her for a million years thereabouts so
its no big deal really.
except for the fact that i think i ruined it. as usual haha. something is seriously wrong with me.
i have an extraordinary habit of running from people i really like. BUT NOT THIS TIME BITCHES.
just sayin'

ya so if it fails i will really cry this time...
i think.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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