Saturday, September 1, 2012

Last night

Yesterday was surprisingly epic.

Herstory > Pump Room > (outside) Zirca > Shake.

The after effects of lesbian drama was still coursing through every fiber of my being so the fun didn't kick in until we went to the flyer where I sparked a short romance with the shrubbery after downing Midori. Midori is great.

Something about drinking makes me feel like being alone. Discovered a waterfall / climbed the waterfall / bonded / proposed / got married / evolved into a dyke / hugs / drama / fighting / more hugs / wanting to skinny dip / watching the sky / loitering around / serious talking / macs / hyper bunny / tapping in and out of the station / getting a free ride home.

We need more of this. Minus the drama. Then again, maybe drama is essential for a good night out. I'm not sure. It'd be nice to not have any though. I haven't felt this happy in a really, really, really long time.


I should really start drawing again instead of posting random tumblr pictures.
So lazy.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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