Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Design seems to be hitting a dead end and I am bored / tired of it. Maybe I'll take a second degree in Archaeology or something. Or Women Studies. Or Linguistics. Or International Relations. Or Psychology. Or Nutrition. Or Social Science. Or Theology. Something brainy that I have zero passion for, you know? So I could earn 5 grand a month from the moment I graduate and retire by 40 and become one of those sad, lonely, rich people who devoted their entire lives to their overwhelming, demanding job all because they thought they would live a fulfilling, secure life after all that slavery but they go home to a dog.
And maybe a cat.
And probably a dozen fishes.
And a wife, perhaps a few.
And 2 rotten kids, or none.
And on weekends the kids will play tennis or golf while their mother gets her monthly botox fix, and the sad, lonely workaholic will just sit behind this lush oak table, on a posh high-backed swivel chair, and do goddamn work.

Sure, there are the lucky ones who love their high-paying jobs but I won't be able to join their merry bandwagon if I should change lines because I love what I am doing and would ideally do it for the rest of my life but the deadend is looming.


But that is life.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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