Friday, March 1, 2013

Never rush out of your house

Lesson learnt:
Always change your socks no matter how late you are going to be because it is worth it. I have washed my feet 12 times so far.

When life bares its teeth I start drowning in nostalgia. Bristol and London, I have been missing you and how you never made me sweat unless I deserved to. I miss the confusing state of being in direct contact of sunlight yet feeling barely warm. I miss walking to Tesco in the middle of the night with a coat over my nightie to read nutritional labels just because you made it so convenient. I miss discovering hidden sex shops selling graphic novels with lesbian content. I miss climbing the logs at King's Park. I miss sitting on top of Clifton, watching kids slide down slippery stone walls polished by their buttocks. I miss walking the dogs at the shelter. I miss waiting for the spot of red to appear round the bend on cold winter mornings. I miss walking at a 45 degree angle while climbing College Green. I miss the book binding shop at Holborn that smelt of wax and dust. I miss the pigeons you breed to nick food off unwary people. I miss house parties and dingy cubicles in clubs. I miss your posh, extra fluffy cats. I miss everything except the eczema you left me with.



To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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