Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sarcastic type


Pretty amazing how a random sketch inspired by the sudden influx of highly confident individuals' shameless modelling of their bodies could turn into something I actually find mildly appealing. Of course, it's lined with mistakes aplenty but I drew that shit and then I traced that shit out in Illustrator and then I threw that shit into Photoshop and prettied that shit up until I got that shit above. That's a million hours worth of work and yes, I am exaggerating.

Honestly though, WHY. Why do people post their bodies on instagram. WHY. All I see are flaws (unless you are a person of heavenly decent like the angels of Victoria's Secret). Why do people even LIKE those pictures. Why does the general population encourage / motivate such blatant narcissistic attempts for attention. WHY.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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