Wednesday, December 1, 2010

British chicken vs. Malaysian chicken

It was of vital importance I brought my sister to Nandos here, to change her impression of it after she tried it at Malaysia and thought it was totally over-rated.

NANDOS IS AMAZING HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE NANDOS?!?! So here we are, seated awaiting patiently for our meal to arrive.

Not my sister, but Bella. She was there though, I assure you. Behind the camera.

Now, I'm not usually a meat eater. And by meat, I mean poultry / red meat kind of things. Like venison. Bambi is sad you want to eat him/her. Never got what its gender was.

And pork. It irritates my gag reflex. AND. Wilbur + Charlotte are sad you want to eat him.

Seafood I eat. Omnomnom. Dory + Nemo. I WILL EAT CHUU!!

And Nandos. Sorry. Ahh! It's a weakness! But okay I swear that was the last time.

My sister ended up liking Nandos so it's like, completely natural I should feel the urge to grab a breast fillet wrap + creamy mash combo. Totally normal. Since it's sooooo good.

Which just makes me wonder, what's so special about British meat that it should taste so good? Even the Popcorn Chicken at KFC is better. Nandos is better. Meat is in general, better. They taste... cleaner? Meatier? I can't place my finger on it since I'm not much of a meat lover anyway.

So what do you do when you can't explain why something is so good?

You decide it must be the water.

It must be the water.


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