Monday, December 20, 2010

The day we ventured to Church

Led by
★ Bella Cow!! ★

She does not usually look this stunned. That is a very unflattering picture I must admit. She was instructed to bend forward so I could take a picture of her with the big bright star as her background. It didn't work out very well.

Fruffie & I + our baby.

The 3 of us wandered around Soho looking for Candy Bar since we had like a million hours to kill before Bella's coach came.

Candy Bar has disappeared.

We couldn't find it even though we went by Wok to Walk (funniest Asian eatery everrrrr).

There was, however, a club called...

Most creative!

We had Korean food anyway. Somewhere along the small alleyway that connects Soho to Picadilly Circus.

I ordered the Kimchi Bokumbap while Fruff and Bella had Bimbimbap. BIMBIMBAP HAS ALMOST. RAW. EGG. dfjakhsfkhaeklfjhadjfadhfake

Korean food reminds me of Dick / my 1313 / most handy calculator in the history of mankind. ♥♥ She always orders Bimbimbap and she can make Kimchi Fried Rice! AND speak Korean! If she was there yesterday, she could have spoken to the waitresses so I could have pretended to be Korean lololol. K.

It was freeeeezing cold when we headed back. So cold that the river looked like this:

That's my foot on frozen water.
Ice skating!

Being silly with the snow!

Snow / Frozen water!



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