Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something died.

_____________________Leo.c : I think something died.

_____________________Karen : Something died?

_____________________Fruff : Eww something died!

_____________________Kitty : Did something die?

_____________________Karen : There's this really strong smell in the kitchen.

_____________________Kitty : How strong is it?

_____________________Fruff : Strong. It smells like something died.

_____________________Karen : Maybe a rat died.

_____________________Kitty : OH GOOD LORD IT STINKS!

_____________________Karen : But it's strange because we were all just sitting there awhile ago and there was no smell.

_____________________Fruff : And we just cleared the bin.

_____________________Leo.c : IT'S THIS! THIS PATCH ON THE FLOOR! UGH!

_____________________Fruff : Eww what is that?

_____________________Leo.c : I think it came from the bin.

_____________________Karen : Oh my god that means the bin was masking the smell!


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