Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's been a long time, blue sky.

It only lasted a couple of minutes before the London sky went back to being it's usual dreary self. I used to think how exaggerated it was that people would actually complain about gloomy weather. Now, I've joined the general population.

Fruffie made her usual request for me to take pictures for her. I say usual because it's always either that or 'something else'. This 'something else' is a sikrit. But here's a hint - it's what every boy wants. I say boy, because I mean boy. Actually, you know what? Maybe even men. I don't know. Possibly. Most likely. Yeah.

Anyway, we scampered out in only loungewear to greet Mr. Sun who has graciously decided to grace us with his presence today. I ran out of vocabulary. It was only 10° out (just checked). Perfect weather! 10 - 17 is the best. Anything more than that and I'm a melting pool of chocolate. Chocolate because I'm sweet. Hahaha k.

This is me emitting smoke from my mouth. Also a demonstrative picture from the girlfriend to show how she'd like her picture to be.

I tried to emulate it as she had requested.



The one she took of me was so much nicer. AND I took like 19784183 shots while she only took 4. All of which were perfecto. Seriously, you guys.

Nevermind, moving on to my brand new masterpieces.

This is called, LE EYE. In capitals.

It's all sorts of amazing because
1) Fruffie's eyelashes are ridiculously attention seeking, which is good, but also very unhealthy for my eye's self esteem.
2) Her skin is also flawless.
3) Hello glassy eyeball!

And this, I call Pawpaw.

Also belonging to Fruffie. Notice how fair she is, so fair her skin looks transparent.

It's called Pawpaw because her toes are not human. They're not. They belong to something else - another species. Possibly a monkey.

Okay, definitely a monkey.

That actually makes a lot of sense because her paws just so happen to provide the distinctively monkey-like ability to pick up objects with great ease, not to mention convenience.

Randomly, I really should stop eating.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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