Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank you Mr. Photoshop

So I finally drew something that I liked and therefore, bothered to scan. It's referenced, to um.. wait let me check. Right, Jonathan Waiter's b&w photograph.

And then Mr. Photoshop helped me throw in a couple of triangles and a sporadic range of colours because he felt the image would have been too plain otherwise.

I am a complete failure with colours. Always have been.

Once for a drawing assignment in Kindergarten, I drew it all in black lines and didn't colour it in, went to class, realised everyone had coloured it and was told by my classmates that it was compulsory to colour our drawings so my ingenious little self picked up a green crayon, and filled the whole thing green. Except there was shading involved. I thought it was lovely. Too bad no else did.


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