Monday, January 31, 2011


Speaking of the state of our kitchen, it seems something died. again. We tried salvaging the situation by frantically gathering the fallen pieces of wrappers / cans / food that had spilled over the bin, then running desperately to the door with the bin bag. Creepy thing was, something was dripping. And it dripped. onto. my. foot. OH. MY. GOD, you guys. So I let it down while completely freaking out. And then ran some more. And then dumped it onto the other 2 bags on our porch (garbage bin was already too full) I think a part of my foot shriveled up and died right there and then. It was disgusting to wash it as well because it was like, okay. DETTOL PLEASE. But what am I going to use to wash it? Definitely not my hands. So I used toilet paper. Ugh.

Best part was, after that, I was informed that there was a patch of wet guck on the floor where I had momentarily placed the bin bag down in disgust. And I had to clean it. God bless my soul it was so fucking sick because

1. How do I go about doing this?
2. I have no prior experience cleaning up muck.
3. The multi-purpose cleaning agent obviously isn't going to be sufficient (This was evident when I opened it. You know how cleaning detergents usually smell like fresh lime or something along those lines? It smelt the complete opposite.)
4. My hand has to touch that?! Albeit with a cloth, but still...

I got down on my knees and did it anyway. Took like 3 cloths and a shitload of that foul-smelling detergent to wipe it all off.


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