Friday, February 4, 2011


Here are a bunch of ( 重くフォトショップ ) pictures from Andrea's party. See, I'm so honest. Indirectly.

Party was brill. Andrea's amazinggg & so is her apartment! The crowd was really interesting as well. Food was great. Had lots of greens and fish balls. Omnomnom. And pasta! That had ham in it so I was like OMFG OMFG spit out but mussels were yum. :3
Awesome way to kick start the new year even though I didn't wear any new clothes. Fluffy was making me feel self conscious about my pink + cyan dress with cat prints. CUTE WHAT. But first, I need to get myself a pair of those frilly socks and chunky heels before I'll start wearing them on the streets woohoo. Excited.


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