Saturday, March 12, 2011


This was a few days ago.

I generally love it when it rains because it signifies rain boots time (!!) even though I wear them any other day so actually I don't even know why I like rainy days. I just do. There's this really nice, musky smell that reminds me of construction sites, mmmm. The only time I hate rain is when I am out in heels. Even worse if I am wearing jeans. Rain + heels + jeans = curseyouskiesofdoom!


That was pretty pointless rambling.

끝. kkuet kkuet
(I checked google translate. And I learnt this from Ulzzang Shidae which is the most brainless and painful show in the universe of brainless and painful shows. I'm only watching it for Park Tae... something something. and he dresses amazingly well too. ++++++++ x23871863716371826318 points)


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