Saturday, August 11, 2012


She was 20 but she felt 26. Everyone else was sort of going a bit crazy and I loved it but this girl just sat there refusing to do a lot of things we were engaging in. She wasn't spontaneous like us. She was a conservative and I honestly hate people like that because what's life if you don't do shit while you can, right? What's fun when you don't embrace it?

It was 5:30 in the morning and she was seated alone staring at the rest toss a scotch-taped ball around so I thought I'd join her.

"I learnt that there are percentages for every person in your life. 25% will never, ever like you. 25% will like you but never pursue you / be your friend / get close to you. 25% will not like you initially but eventually discover they could get along with you and like you. And the last 25% will like you and always stay by you."

All this while, everyone had been talking about shit and getting pissed and having so much fun but here was this strange girl actually thinking and trying to hold a proper conversation. I didn't exactly fall for her theory because placing a percentage on people is a bit of a stretch. Especially on something this general. There should be more people like this.

Abrupt end.

I'm fucking tired. I haven't been this tired in a year and I really want to sleep but I can't because I am hungry.
I am also incredibly sad and stressed and feeling a terribly shitty about myself but screw that.

Here's a list:
- Quit smoking
- Sleep early
- Pole hardcore
- Get mad abs
- Be chaste and shit
- Party less
- Be serious


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