Friday, August 10, 2012


There are funny moments in life when you look back just for a slight peek out of pure curiosity or sometimes driven by nostalgia and realise how much you've changed; how much your surroundings have changed; and how much everyone else around you has changed along with the whole universe and it's existence.

You meet people you've been close to. People you swore to be friends with forever. You've shared towels and clothing with them, even on the rare / desperate occasion, toothbrushes. Place them against the current now and stare the fuck out of the disparity. It is not the same. We shed our skins every now and then to create a newer, better us. Or sometimes a defeated, jaded soul fights its way out. Either way things are never the same.

I wonder what people think of when they think of me. There are a couple of important people I've ditched to move on with life and when I look past my shoulder at their foggy memeories I will forever replay the night we slept under the stars on her roof with beer bottles in our hands, smoking Viceroys and chatting until our voices slowly drained under our thoughts as the steadily brightening sky replaced the darkness with the stars. At that time we realised that for that moment, we weren't going to last forever and we swore to always be friends even if the girl whose hand I was holding was leaving the next day for Paris.

8 years later and all of us are no longer ourselves.

Once upon a time, we used to be young and fearless.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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