Friday, January 4, 2013

I come bearing pictures.

we went to Legoland (and a Mangrove) over the weekend.

With Philip, the inanimate chameleon and his flexible tongue.

Had the best spaceships in the history of the 3 bowls of spaceships I have had in my life so far. For RM4.


And I'm not really sure what the standard protocol is for posting pictures of other human beings so that's all folks.

The sun was very focused on Legoland during our visit. It was also very focused on the mangrove where we witnessed a mangled eel with eyes that looked unreal and tried sashimi (basically picking an unfortunate prawn and ripping off its head + shell with quick succession) that supposedly tasted sweet but all I could gather was its chewy texture. There was this 6? year old girl that kept looking / glaring at cj2 from the corner of her eyes and another on the coach back that cj2 winked at as she is a pedophile. I hope they grow up to be gay and when people ask why, they'd say it started when they saw a cute dyke while in Malaysia to / from Legoland / Hello Kitty Land and in that way, she would have left her mark in the world.

The end.


Also, this year I am 25 - the year I've set to die since I turned 21.


To fulfil your stalkerish desires,


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